Your office

Your ELEMENT of success

We create flexible office space with raised standards for any size and phase of your business. Here you will find harmonious business environment with individual solutions for continuous growth and development.

  • Efficient
  • Smart
  • Flexible
  • Sustainable

Positive experience

High ceilings ensure lots of spaciousness. Low energy consumption helps to control costs.
Natural daylight for each working station, efficient layouts, raised floors and quality finishing solutions will allow flexibility to fit the needs of your business.

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Floor plan

Open-floor layout allows you to adjust your efficient office from 250 m2 to 1100 m2 within one floor. Each working space can be adjusted to your needs - size, shape, the number and purpose of rooms - we will make sure that your wishes are fulfilled.

Possible divisions per floor

One tenantTwo tenantsFour tenantsSix tenants

Strategic planning of an office

Today, when the most valuable and expensive resource of the company is its employees, it is not only important to hold on to the best of them, but also to create an atmosphere which inspires them to fulfil their potential, work efficiently and align their goals with those of the company. Strategic office planning which matches the structure, functions, the culture and values of the organisation is essential to achieve it.

What is an agile office layout?

The goal of an agile office is to create a flexible and productive space for work supporting the idea of flexibility and cost-effectiveness. The layout of this office is based on the different needs of the employees to complete a wide range of daily tasks thus, agile office possibilities give freedom to work wherever they find suitable.


Why does organizational culture matter for your business?

A healthy culture fosters collaboration and innovation. When culture and business goals align, employees are more engaged which yields higher returns.


Which culture is the right culture?

By understanding and accepting various cultures organizations can harness the differences for success.


Convenient amenities

Safety and Health

  • Concierge
  • Video surveillance
  • VOC free
  • Hearing-impaired acoustic system
  • Well lighted work place
  • Service elevator

Well – being

  • Different office layout options
  • Openable windows
  • Disabled access and facilities
  • Smart elevator
  • External smoking area


  • Closed parking
  • Shared parking
  • Individually marked parking
  • Electric car stations
  • Safe bicycle lockers and showers for cyclists
  • Pick up & Drop off


  • 24/7 customer service
  • Cafeterias and restaurants
  • Art gallery in staircase
  • Cosy waiting room
  • Digital screen in lobby


  • Office manual
  • Automatic calculations of utility payments
  • Transparent rent cost calculations
  • Navigation stand
  • ATM

Comfortable services

  • Shared conference and meeting rooms
  • Food delivery
  • Coffee ordering
  • Catering and events
  • Drinking water delivery
  • Child day care centre
  • Gym, fitness, yoga area
  • Moving and transport
  • Interior design
  • Office furniture shop
  • IT solutions
  • Dry cleaning
  • Flower and gift delivery
  • Car wash

Tailored solutions

  • Modular walls
  • Raised access floors
  • Emergency electricity supply
  • Closed, open, shared parking space
  • Advertising (logo on the building façade, flag poles, indoor advertising)
  • Individual storage rooms
  • Different interior finishing packages
  • 5 internet provider connections
  • Meditation room