Privacy Policy

This document explains how the website (hereinafter the Website), including its mobile version, uses cookies.


Cookie is a small text file which the website saves in your computer or mobile device when you open some website. It helps to remember the use of the site, including the understanding of site visitors’ activities, thus allowing to improve the site and make it more user friendly (for example by remembering language, font size etc.).


You must not necessarily enable the cookies for the site to function, yet they will make browsing technically better. You can delete or block cookies, but in this case some functions of the site may not operate properly.

Information related to cookies is not used for your personal identification, only data about your navigation are under our control.


The controller uses cookies to improve Website functionality and use. The controller uses:

Mandatory cookies. Used for authentication, ensuring recognition of the user and smooth functioning of the Website, and for Website security and integrity. These cookies are stored on the user's device until the moment when the browser is closed.

Functional cookies. Functionally support the Website environment and provide for convenience in ordering goods and making purchases on the Website by adhering to, for example, the choices made by the user and ensuring individual functions.

Analytical cookies. Accumulate information on how the Website is used and visited and how often, and which search engines are used. Cookie statistics can also be obtained from third party websites.

Purpose or ad cookies. Accumulate information on how users use the Website to provide for tailor-made offers for the needs of the users. The Website uses third party cookie information, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.


Third party cookies are determined by third parties, the services of which are used by the Controller or whose services are related to the Website. For example, third party cookies are used in analytics services for the Controller to obtain information on what's popular and what's not. Other websites visited by the user may also include the use of cookies. Third party cookies are beyond the control of the Controller and you can find out more about these cookies by visiting the relevant third party website.


When visiting the Website, an informative notice is displayed for the user that the Website uses cookies. By closing this notice, the user of the device concerned confirms that he/she has read and agrees to the information about cookies and the transfer of cookies to the browser of the user's device.


Cookies can be controlled and deleted as the user wishes. Internet browsers can be configured to alert the user of the use of cookies and to provide the option of whether the user agrees to accept them. If the user does not want cookies to be used on his/her computer or other device (for example, a mobile phone), the user can change the security settings of the browser. Changes to security settings must be made for each browser individually, and the methods of used setting may vary. Failure to accept cookies will not prevent the user from using the Website, but this may limit the possibilities for use of the Website for the user. The user should note that it is not possible to waive the use of mandatory and functional cookies, as the full use of the Website is not possible without them.


The Controller is entitled to modify these cookie regulations at its own discretion by informing all end users about it.


You can change browser settings to disable new cookies or just to be informed about sending new cookies to your device. Read more at